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About Mila Vocal Ensemble

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Mila is a professional women's vocal ensemble grounded in the harmonic traditions of Eastern Europe and Russia. The ensemble typically performs a cappella at concerts, vocal and cultural workshops, festivals, schools, churches and corporate and private events. The group also collaborates with instrumentalists and dancers, for special performances.

Members of Mila are enthusiastic students of vocal styles, rhythms, harmonies, languages, history and geography, as expressed in the folk traditions of Eastern Europe. Through music, Mila celebrates the beauty of these cultures.

The name "Mila" has tender connotations — including "love" and "dear one" — in many of the languages represented by its repertoire. It is also a common women's name in several Eastern European countries.

Mila's singers hail from unique musical backgrounds and have studied with renowned vocalists and instrumentalists from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Hungary, Serbia, Ukraine and Russia.

Mila is: Rada Kolarova, Leslie Lukas, Marie Rivers Rule, Daniela Schmiedlechner, Jana Velo, Aleksandra Veriga, Sarina Yospin Partridge.

COME SING WITH US! Mila is holding auditions for new singers on January 19 and 26, 2023. You can sign up for an audition slot by filling out this form. Please direct any questions about auditions to

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Mila logo by Natalie Nowytski.
Mila photo by Larry Morrisette.

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